Destination RV Resort

Destination RV Resort

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Destination RV Resort

The design for the Destination RV Resort draws its inspiration from the classic roadside architecture along U.S. Highway Route 66— structures that defined a generation of road trippers.

Upon arrival, the Resort’s main access promenade welcomes visitors into the site and leads them towards the stunning entry sequence that respects the existing view corridor while creating a place making space comprised of visual and noise mitigating elements between the neighboring highway and the site.


By aligning the various program structures along the northeast edge of the site, the buildings serve to create a gentle curtain from the highway. A staggered terrace area accentuates the sweeping views towards San Diego Bay and Imperial Beach. Guest check-in is located directly adjacent to the primary motor court drop-off area in an easily recognizable public space for increased operational efficiency.


Secondary site programming is protected by a large, sweeping retaining wall that allows each level of program space to be slightly elevated, creating framed views and private terraces. The stepped terrace terminates at the guest pool at ten feet of elevation, promoting dramatic views over the Resort and drawing the eye to iconic San Diego Bay.


Other site programming elements include an exterior BBQ area at the northwest corner of the site with grills, tables, and group seating areas positioned to provide guests with dramatic, framed views of the nature preserve and San Diego Bay.


On the southwest corner of the site, a dedicated tent area is designated for campers and RV visitors, as well as an on-site shower and restroom building.


All planned off-site improvements have been integrated into the overall design as well. The bikeway connection points at each corner of the site encourage visitors to experience the nature preserve and allow for continuous circulation between the Resort and other areas within the Chula Vista Master Plan. These improvements create a highly functional and enjoyable connection to the surrounding environment and planned future developments.


The Destination RV Resort is a site specific design response that incorporates natural features and emphasizes the site’s preeminent views that make the Chula Vista Bay Master Plan such an exciting development. The site’s architecture and modern amenities celebrate the Resort’s prominent location along San Diego Bay. The Resort will be an incredible resource for the future buildout, affording convention visitors an opportunity to stay/linger after their conference, while enjoying the natural resource opportunities. It remains true to the site—a compliment to the native habitat—and attracts visitors who frequent RV parks to be closer to nature.



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  • Year: 2017
  • Location: San Diego, CA
  • Program: Civic, Hospitality, Sustainable, Resort, RV Park