Montage Healdsburg

Montage Healdsburg

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Montage Healdsburg

Montage Healdsburg, part of a 258.5-acre development, is located at the North edge of Healdsburg in Sonoma County, California. Capturing the ideals of mid-century modernism to blur the lines between the interior and exterior, the 130 guest rooms and 25 residential villas offer expansive views of the surrounding mountain vineyards. Amenities include a restaurant, destination spa and conference facility in addition to the planned community park and public hiking trails. The adjoining residences are being developed concurrently to create a cohesive neighborhood which maximizes views and open space.


This project is unique for Delawie because it includes residential homes which are not typically in our scope.


The proposed project also includes 37-acres of land donated to Healdsburg for a Community Park, a Fire Sub-station, 14.3-acres donated for Affordable Housing, and hiking trails throughout the property for the public to enjoy.


The high quality Resort and Spa will include an excellent restaurant and an exceptional conference facility to be operated by a world class operator. The Resort will be LEED Certified.


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  • Year: 2020
  • Location: Healdsburg, CA
  • Size: 141,723 SF
  • Program: Spa, Resort, Conference Facility, Residential Villas

Design by Glazier Le Architects